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Culinary activities

Here you find a list with our best culinary activities and gastronomic experiences in Seville.

Masterchef Seville
Masterchef Seville. Learn to make Spanish food during our master chef cooking class. Who will be the best chefs of the day? Off course we will give you a copy of the recipes so you can show off your new learned skills at home for friends or family.
Bodegas Tour Seville
Our Bodegas Tour will able you to discover the history of wine in the south of Spain. We will visit some smaller family bodega's that had a big impact on the way different wines are made nowadays.
Andalusian Wine & Tapas Tour
During this Andalusian wine and tapas tour you will get to taste all different kinds of typical local wines from the south. This local experience is not just about food, during this activity you get to eat and drink like a local.
Bike Tour "The Markets of Seville"
Discover the market places of Seville during this exciting bike tour. During this tour we visit three of Seville's best and most authentic markets where we have a guided tour and tastings. Along the way we have many interesting stops in the city center.
Tapas Tour Seville
Looking for the best Tapas tour in Seville! Going for tapas is more than food, it’s a lifestyle. During this tour we will get you familiar with this lifestyle, the Spanish tapas, matching wines and off course, we will have a lot of fun.
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