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City Hunt

Description City Game Seville

The Seville City Hunt is an exiting city game in the streets of the historical city center of Seville. We will divide the group in different teams. One team will represent the Bad Guys and the other teams will be the Hunters and try to catch them.

The Bad Guys will get a head start but they have to share there location every 10 minutes. Scattered around the city the bad guys have created a web of hiding places. But, the intelligence office have gained access to this map and shared the map with the hunters who will split up to catch them. At the 10 minute mark all teams will have to be at one of the hiding places. The Bad Guys can only skip one location each time, so if the teams work together they should be able to close them in. Or not.. the Bad Guys will have two Jokers to get out of the hands of the other teams. One they can use it to skip 2 locations and the other they can use one round instead of giving away there location at the 10 minute mark.

The hunters will have the city map with the hiding locations and Walkie Talkies to communicate with each other.

Can you stay out of the hands of the city hunters!

We can play several rounds so different teams will get to play as the Bad Guys.

This is a great game to discover the most hidden alleys, corners and squares of the city such as Plaza Santa Marta, Calle Siete Revueltas, Calle Circo, Plaza del Cabildo and Calle Susona. At each hiding point you will also learn something of the special location. What

Programm Example

  • Welcome
  • Briefing and instructions
  • Making Teams
  • Start city hunt
  • Round 1,2,..
  • Prize giving ceremony


2 hours


Seville City Center.*

*This activity can be organized in any city in Andalusia. For example, Cordoba, Malaga or Granada.

Prices starting at

  • City Hunt Seville 20 persons or less, total price 390,00 €
  • City Hunt Seville 20 to 50 persons 19,50 € p.p.
  • City Hunt Seville 50 to 150 persons 18,00 € p.p.
  • City Hunt Seville from 150 persons 17,00 € p.p.

Costs extensions

On request


This city game is available throughout the whole year, at all days of the week (due to availability).

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