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Break in City Game - Casa de la Moneda

Description Treasure Hunt Seville

The reversed Escape Room Seville

Your goal is to make the biggest robbery ever without stealing from anyone. Your mission, BREAK IN the Casa de la Moneda (the Mint) were they manufactured the coins used in currency. To enter the Casa de la Moneda you will need to complete several objectives. But first of all you have to find the professor, open communication and get the necessary objects to complete this mission.

To bring this game to an end there are the main objectives and challenges. To complete a main objective first you have to accomplice challenges, find the answers to the questions, solve riddles and make important photos. If you succeed, the main objective will become available.

The team who completes all main objectives and gets to the mint first wins this exiting team building activity in Seville.

Main Objectives:

  • Find the Professor, he will give you the necessary objects to complete this mission.
  • Open a safe way of communication with the professor.
  • Find the location were you can prepare the robbery.
  • Find gold and silver.
  • Obtain some crucial information about one of the most important hostages.
  • Solve the equation and crack the code of the save that is hidden at a secret place in the city.

Once completed all main objectives you are ready to move to the final objective. The Casa de la Moneda.

The team that shows up first and opens the save wins this team building activity.

Programm Example

  • Welcome
  • Briefing and instructions
  • Break in City Game
  • Prize giving ceremony


2 hours


Seville city center

* a variation of this game can be played at any other city in Andalusia, for example Cordoba, Malaga or Granada.

Prices starting at

  • Break in | Casa de la Moneda 10 p. or less, total price 275,00 €
  • Break in | Casa de la Moneda 10 to 25 persons 27,50 € p.p.
  • Break in | Casa de la Moneda 25 to 50 persons 25,00 € p.p.
  • Break in | Casa de la Moneda 50 persons 22,50 € p.p.

Costs extensions

  • For this activity teams will need to use their own smartphones with internet connection. Ask for prices if you want to rent a smart phone or tablet for each team.


This break in city game is available throughout the whole year, at all days of the week (due to availability).

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