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Battle of the Thrones

Description City game Seville

Battle of the Thrones city Game

Each team represents one of the dynasties and during this game they have to defend their Thrones. Each dynasty gets assigned a neighborhood of Seville as its kingdom. The goal is to conquer as many kingdom thrones as possible and defend your own kingdom at the same time.

We divide each team in a defensive and a offensive team. You will have to work together in a smart way to win this ultimate game of thrones city game.

In each land there are challenges scattered around that you must complete with your team. Some of them can only be done by one team, that's where the defensive team comes in. The more of these challenges they will get off the map, the more difficult it will be for the other teams to conquer them. Once completed this mission they will also head out for battle in the other kingdoms.

The challenges

Site Snaps: Teams take fun pictures of themselves, and sometimes other teams, at specific locations, the hot spots of Seville

Trivia: Teams answer trivia questions about the dynasties and the local area.

Brainteasers: Teams have to solve complicated tasks, do you perform well under pressure, does the team work together, do you get the best out of all team members?

Photo Missions: These are fun pictures that teams take of themselves doing specific things or in certain locations to help stretch their creativity.

Head to head: These team-against- team challenges take place at a scheduled time and a secret location, teams will have to discover this location during the game and make sure that at least one of their teams is here for the battle at the given time.

Instant pop up challenge: During the hunt, our Game Master will send out surprise challenges. For example, a video challenge, did the teams prepare for battle? Teams must make sure that both the teams preforms the same Haka (war dance).

Programm Example

  • Welcome
  • Briefing and instructions
  • Prepare for battle
  • Battle of the thrones
  • Final stage
  • Prize giving


2,5 hours


Seville city center

Prices starting at

  • City game Battle of  the Thrones less than 20 persons, total price € 1.000,-
  • City game Battle of the Thrones 20 to 50 persons € 50,00 p.p.
  • City game Battle of the Thrones 50 to 150 persons € 48,50 p.p.
  • City game Battle of the Thrones from 150 persons € 47,00 p.p.

incl. Battle Pack with 2 iPads per team, dynasty clothing, a ring, and more...

Costs extensions

  • Extra fun challenges on request
  • Figurants


This team building city game in Seville is available throughout the whole year, at all days of the week (due to availability).

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