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City Games Seville

Looking for a city game for your corporate event in Seville. Our city games are a great choice if you want to organize a team building activity for your group in the city. Fun and exiting activities to discover the city center of Seville the alternative way. Get to know more about the Spanish culture during our Flamenco Experience, meet a Bull Fighter along the way or enjoy a sherry wine tasting with a professional Venenciador for example.

Now very popular are our Escape Room inspired city games such as Escape the City and the reversed escape rooms, Break-iN the Alcazar Palace or the Casa de la Moneda. These treasure hunts are real tests for teams as they have to work together to get to the right locations and solve the brain teasers and other challenges.

Besides the scavenger hunts we have also city games that focus on learning more about the city such as our Bike Adventure or Secrets of Seville city walk.

Looking for a personalized city game in Seville. We are happy to create a game that fits perfectly into your corporate event and meets all the goals and expectations.

Please have a look at our city games below.

Flamenco Experience
Were to have a better Flamenco experience then in Seville, the city where Flamenco is invented. Emerge yourself in this art from during this exiting city walk. This activity combines a city walk through the beautiful city center with Flamenco artists along the way and a final dance workshop and professional flamenco show.
Break in City Game - Casa de la Moneda
This is the reversed escape room, instead of breaking out your goal is to break in. Your goal is to break in the Mint, Casa de Moneda. Were they manufacture the coins used in currency. To rob the Casa de Moneda you will need to overcome some challenges first. Your first objective is to find the professor.
Break in citygame - The Alcazar Palace
The reversed escape room is all about breaking in instead of getting out. This mission is not just a mission. You will have to break in the royal palace. Yes, the Real Alcázar of Seville.
Escape Game Seville
The ultimate escape game for groups in the city center off Seville. Can you find out who is chasing you? You will need all your team mates and get the best out of them to succeed this game. This is team building the fun way!
iPad City Game
iPad city game Seville. Discover Sevilla in a fun and interactive way during our iPad City Game. Compete with teams against each other, answer questions, complete challenges and make crazy team pictures during this fun city game in Seville. A great opportunity to get to know more about this amazing city, see all the highlights, and have fun at the same time.
Battle of the Thrones
We will take the battle of the dynasties to the streets of Seville. What better scene to this game than the magical city center of this city. Plaza España, parque Maria Luisa, the small streets of Barrio Santa Cruz, the Cathedral, Alcázar Palace and the banks of the Guadalquivir river. They will be all representing one of the kingdoms thrones.
The Phone
For this city game The Phone you will be send out on a mission in the streets of Seville by a mysterious man. Mister X. Your goal is to find him and the suitcase. Piece by piece you will solve this puzzle and get closer to Mister X. Who will find the suitcase first!?
Secrets of Seville
Do you want to get to know the city Seville the fun way! During this game you will discover the hidden corners of the city, the legends and stories. But instead that you will go with a guide, this game will lead you the way
Seville Bike Adventure
Team building on the bike in Seville. During our group activity Bike Adventure, we will take you on a journey in the city centre of Seville. The bike is a great way to discover Seville, did you know that the city is flat and recognised as one of the best cities for biking in Europe.
City Bike Tour
The bike is one of the best ways to take a tour through Seville. Did you know that Seville is a flat city and has more than 180 km of bike lanes. Along with the great weather a perfect biking city.
City Hunt
Discover the hidden alleys, squares and corners of Seville. This team building activity is all about hide and seek.. One team will be the Bad Guys. The other teams the hunters that will try and catch them.
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